Dennis Publishing

Dennis Publishing have launched a white label version of both the shopping catalogues and the travel brochure services on their online community website, LoveOffers provides visitors with access to a range of magazines, voucher codes, competitions, ebooks and now shopping catalogues and travel brochures. In addition, the visitor can choose from recipes, work–outs, reviews, guides and much much more. offer a completely free service to all those in the process of moving home by providing a direct link to Royal Mail’s mail forwarding service. By adding a white label version of LMG’s shopping catalogues, travel brochures and digital services, MoveMe are delighted to have further enhanced their range of convenient services to the consumer. Their mission is “to make moving house easier” and the LMG free request service allows visitors to the MoveMe website to find catalogues, brochures and brand information containing products and services to cater for their every need during the hectic housemoving period and beyond! which is owned by Associated Newspapers Limited, a subsidiary of The Daily Mail and General Trust (which also owns The Daily, Mail on Sunday and London Evening Standard) is possibly one of the UK’s longest standing information providers for holidays in the UK, holidays in Europe and exotic holidays worldwide. To enhance their online travel comparison website, LMG are pleased to announce the launch of the white label versions of their services providing free travel brochures, free shopping catalogues and selection of informative newsletters covering most aspects of our daily “digital lives”. as its name suggests is designed specifically for those over the age of 50 who want to keep the excitement in their lives as they plan and work towards their retirement. Catering for a huge range of tastes and everyday requirements, are excited to have launched a white label version of where their discerning members can find shopping catalogues and eNewsletters together with a whole range of holiday brochures covering everything from cultural city breaks to fun holidays by the seaside to plan for their grandchildren.


Capita who are a corporate supporter of Macmillan Cancer Support have today launched on their Intranet a white label version of the LMG website, When staff members of Capita use the company’s internal intranet they have the opportunity to accessa Macmillan-branded version of Catalink to find literally hundreds of catalogues and holkiday brochures and also have the option to sign up for eNewsletters to suit their interests (no matter how diverse!) all within the company’s intranet set up. LMG are very pleased to announce the good work quietly being carried out by large companies such as Capita who make a generous donation every time a catalogue or brochure request is made.

The Telegraph Have Carried A White Label

The Telegraph have carried a white label version of the Catalink service for many years offering a catalogue and holiday brochure request service to their huge online newspaper readership. Today, LMG are delighted to announce the addition of an important new niche service in the form of gardening-specific requestable items such as free gardening catalogues and garden-related eNewsletters. This new service, which is found under the Telegraph “Lifestyle” banner is aimed to meet the needs of the increasingly popular Telegraph online gardening sector which carries some of the most important garden-related editorial content available to the UK gardener on the internet today. Seed and plant catalogues are in particular demand as they continually meet the needs of the hundreds of thousands of people who induldge in one of the UK’s favourite pasttimes – no matter what the weather.

Member Of Lifestyle Media Group Ltd

Catalink became a member of Lifestyle Media Group Ltd. With this new association, members will benefit from automatically receiving information about all group activities, be eligible to receive news and information about all new products and services and have automatic membership to all group websites and portals

Partnership With The Telegraph

We are very pleased to be able to announce that our partnership with The Telegraph was further expanded today. The white label version of the Catalink Travel service has been extended to incorporate the free catalogue service as well as offering the existing free travel brochure service. have launched a white label version of both the shopping catalogues and the travel brochure services on their online community website. Recently relaunched, the new version of OverFiftiesFriends is aimed at the 50+ age category, who are looking to expand their social horizons. OverFiftiesFriends is a unique Web community where a member can join to make new friends by getting together to pursue mutual interests.

January 2009

In January 2009 Catalink undertook a large scale campaign for the UK Travel & Tourism industry, heavily promoting the ‘Explore your Country in 2009’ theme. Working with well over 50 UK tourist boards (and relevant travel organisations) including Enjoy England, South East Tourism and Visit Scotland, the promotion has been a be a great success. To date this has generated over half a million responses for the clients involved and Catalink has been proud to do it’s bit for putting the Great back into Great Britain.