BURNS PET NUTRITION: Natural Nutrition for Healthy Pets

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Natural Nutrition for Healthy Pets.

Burns Pet Nutrition specialises in using simple, healthy and wholesome ingredients to create award-winning recipes that pets love. Sign up to their newsletter today to explore all they have to offer and receive the latest news and deals.

A pioneering pet food brand, they provide a variety of healthy and hypoallergenic pet food ranges, all using a single protein source and ingredients that are as healthy, wholesome and sustainable as possible.

With the creation of their Original Chicken and Rice recipe almost 30 years ago, they’ve released a variety of healthy and hypoallergenic pet food ranges. Dog lovers can choose from Grain Free to Weight Control, healthy Burns Bites treats and even a brand new hand cooked wet food. Even fussy cats will twitch their whiskers for Burns Cat, Kitten, Free From or Sensitive food.

Burns Pet Nutrition Newsletter
Burns Pet Nutrition: Natural food for Pets

Founded by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns, this family run business has won numerous awards, sold over 2 billion bowls of healthy pet food to date, and continue to support shelters, charities and community projects across the UK by donating 25% of profits. This way, Burns makes sure that every pet gets to live life to the fullest.

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If you’re looking for the best tea around, This is the place to go

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‘Nothing But Tea’ are tea professionals who work exclusively with teas. If you’re looking for the best brew around, Nothing But Tea is the place to go. Specialising in the best loose leaf tea, you’ll be able to find the perfect blend for you. To buy tea online and for more offers, Sign up for the newsletter now.

Explore their range of tea today – from black tea, oolong teas and herbal blends to starter sets, green tea and so much more.

Looking for the perfect gift? Nothing But Tea has a range of products perfect for gifting. From beautiful mug infusers, tea tasting sets and tea advent calendars to sample selections, tea utensils and so much more.

Tea is what we do, it is what we are passionate about. Not just any tea, it has to be good, it has to be loose leaf, we won’t sell tea bags. We don’t sell decaffeinated tea, for good reasons. We do sell lots of of herbs and tisanes that are naturally caffeine free. We usually have around 200 teas and plenty of accessories to help you get the most out of tea.

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Forman & Field bring you bespoke gourmet food, delicacies and more. Get access to ingredients that all the top chefs have when you order their catalogue today!

From their world-famous gourmet food, salmon, high-quality meat and delicious poultry to cheese selections, puddings, and incredible pies, there is so much to choose from with Forman & Field.

Forman & Field is dedicated to bringing you nothing but the best food around, that’s why you won’t find anything better. Order their catalogue to explore their range today!

Here’s why Forman & Field food tastes so good:

  • every dish is as fresh as a daisy!
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Offering a beautiful selection of gourmet food, hampers and picnic baskets, you can get prepped for special events and Christmas time – you won’t regret it!

If you’re lacking inspiration, the experts at Forman & Field have a huge selection of inspiration ideas waiting for you. From breakfast ideas, party foods and Sunday lunch inspiration to dessert ideas, party lunches and so much more.

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Gourmet Society Offers Just For You

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Gourmet Society Offers Just For You

If you love eating out but want to save money, Gourmet Society is the place for you. You can claim your free one month membership today! Giving you 25% off the total bill – including drinks and 50% off food.

The Gourmet Society is one of the UK’s leading dining clubs with members enjoying great discounts at restaurants. Choose from Cafe Rouge, Bella Italia, Prezzo, La Tasca, and Strada to name a few. Choose from thousands of local restaurants, pubs and even Michelin–starred venues.

No payment details are required, simply claim your free membership. You can access Gourmet on the go with the free app. Access your digital membership card, search restaurant locations and track your savings. Wherever you go, you’ll never be without your card.

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