The Aurora Zone – Why now is the best time to see the Northern Lights

The Aurora Zone brochure
If seeing the Northern Lights isn’t on your wish list, put it there.
One of Nature’s most astonishing natural displays, the Northern Lights has been the focus of cultural, spiritual and scientific fascination for years.
The mesmerising waves of shimmering colour and light are caused by charged particles from space hitting our atmosphere – an event which is as unpredictable as it is beautiful.
However, we are currently experiencing the best conditions to see the Northern Lights in 10 years. So get your skates on! The solar maximum (a period at the end of the suns 11 year activity cycle) is predicted for this winner. It’s at this time when the Aurora Zone is at its most active and the breathtaking displays at their most frequent and spectacular.
So get there and see this stunning display with a travel company who boasts the experience to give you exactly what you’d expect from your holiday.
With properties, packages and prices to tailor your ideal trip no matter what, you can make sure you’ll have the most chance to see the Northern Lights and plenty of things to do inbetween.
Don’t wait for the next Solar Maximum, order your Aurora Zone brochure now and head up north.

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