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Are you already part of the vintage revival? Or are you still waiting for a way in?

An Angel At My Table provide you with the inspiration, the individuality and the products you need to give your home a stylish make-over. Upcycling is all well and good but there’s nothing like enjoying a new piece of expertly crafted and beautifully designed furniture. And that’s what you get from An Angel At My Table – a return to exquisite design and ornamental pieces. So now there’s no excuse not to kit out your Kitchen, bedroom, garden, living or dining room.
If you thought that quality equals expense, how wrong you are. Luckily for everyone they feature items to suit every budget – making sure that a beautiful home doesn’t have to be restricted to a select few.

So whether you want to redesign a room, revamp your entire house, find a new set of kitchenware or simply buy some nice new things for your home, we’re happy to help you stay away from the bland and the ordinary. Check out An Angel At My Table and make an ordinary home an extraordinary one.

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