Taber Holidays

Taber Holidays has been a specialist tour operator to the Nordic countries since 1973 offering a wide range of tours for the independent traveller during summer and winter. Their featured destinations are Norway (including Svalbard), Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Greenland.

Their Nordic Only Winter programme features a wide range of holidays to the region of Scandinavia north of the Arctic Circle often referred to as Lapland. A variety of exciting outdoor activities such as dog sled and snowmobile safaris, snowshoeing, ice fishing and Northern Lights chasing is available to enhance your stay and maximise your chances of viewing the ethereal Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Destinations such as Tromsø, Norway’s magnificent Arctic capital city and famously where Joanna Lumley viewed the Northern Lights; Storklinten, Sweden’s great Arctic wilderness of sweeping forests and frozen rivers; and Kakslauttanen, Finland’s lovely hideaway of traditional log cabins and the all-important sauna are just a small selection of our hand-picked destinations. Add to these the opportunity to spend a night in an ice, snow or tree hotel and you are guaranteed an unforgettable winter experience.

Their Nordic Only Summer programme features a variety of fly-drive, public transport, escorted and specialist cruising holidays making the most of Scandinavia’s awe inspiring scenery, history, culture and nature. Scandinavia must surely be one of the world’s most beautiful destinations with mighty fjords, towering mountain peaks, gushing waterfalls, fast flowing rivers, glaciers, spouting geysirs and the occasional rumbling volcano – just to add a little extra excitement! These countries simply don’t do things by halves and with most areas being surprisingly accessible by car, local transport or on foot (OK, you would need to be a serious hiker in some instances!) you cannot fail to find a holiday to suit your requirements perfectly.

The Taber Holidays Team look forward to helping you choose!