Scottish Walks

Take a look at a recent article from Travel Daily about UK tourism and our involvement through

Travellers aged 18-30 have been the most keen to snap up a ‘Walk in Scotland’ brochure, according to new data. Ginna Clark from, which promotes holidays in the UK and compiled the results, believes the popularity of the brochure in the youth market shows that young people are carbon-friendly and keen to get outdoors. “Our ‘Walk in Scotland’ brochure, which proved very popular with holiday makers, received over 60% of its requests from 18-30 years olds, 60% of whom were female, demonstrating that it’s frequently the women who have a major influence over the choice of where to holiday,” she said. “It may also be that holidaying with young families lends itself to familiar food and healthy exercise.” In addition, golf breaks were popular, although 72 percent of requests came from women. It seems that either more ladies are taking up the game, or those that like to sightsee while their other halves play golf are determined that they will at least choose where they end up,” added Clark.

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