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Alderney Brochure
Whether by water, land, or sea, Alderney offers great opportunities for everyone to enjoy this astounding holiday destination. Alderney, known as the Channel Island, has a rich history as well as amazing landscapes that are sure to capture everyone’s attention.

What to See and Do in Alderney

This Channel Island has a rich history spanning over 5,000 years – and with contemporary events, local customs and exciting traditions, ALderney is the perfect UK holiday destination to keep family, friends and loved ones entertained with new experiences. Visitors can see artefacts from the Neolithic Age up to the return of islanders in 1945 after the mass evacuation during the German Occupation.

If it’s a walking holiday that you’re looking for, Alderney may just be the destination for you. This quaint Channel Island may only be three and half miles long and just one and half wide, but it still boasts an impressive eight walking trails for you to explore.

A walking tour that’s not to be missed is the now famous Living Islands walking tour where holiday guests can forage free food along lush and vibrant natural environments. This trekking trail introduces visitors to the wildlife of the island and the abundant wild flowers.

Roads are almost traffic free on the 10 miles of roads, as well as 50 miles of unspoilt paths waiting for cyclists. Special tours can be arranged to guide cyclists as well. Find out how to take theses tours by ordering the Alderney Brochure.

Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy a wide variety of fish. Corblets Reservoir and Corblets Quarry are two ideal spots. Rocky outcrops and miles of beaches offer anglers other great locations, too. Charter boats are also available. The Alderney Brochure gives plenty of travel information on how to get around the island by sea.

Ways to Get to Alderney

Holiday guests can travel to Alderney by sea via scheduled sea links available regularly between Guernsey and Alderney. The Alderney Holiday Guide explains what options are available.

Flying is another opportunity to experience the landscape of Alderney. Commercial flights and private charters give holiday visitors yet another way to come to Alderney.

Request your copy of the Alderney Brochure for year-round island holidays close to home.

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