NEW BROCHURE Potters Leisure Resort

Where did the quintessentially British short-break go? The type you enjoyed as a child. You know the sort:

  • Lounging in a park/pub/restaurant with good food and good friends
  • Enjoying live music and stand-up comedy from a hotel bar
  • Discovering the hidden secrets of a new corner of the country
  • Taking part in sports and games you never thought you’d try

Well thankfully they’re still around. Potters Leisure Resort, nestled in the heart of Norfolk, has crafted short breaks that combine the best of the old with the best of the new. Their collection of weekend and mid-week breaks covers a range of holiday themes to suit any time of year and any kind of holiday.
Given the increasing popularity of programs like Strictly Come Dancing, why not join the trend and try out your dancing shoes? Their range of dance classes, styles, themes and packages will have you flaunting your moves like a pro. But if you’re anything like us you’ll also be relieved to know that Potters Leisure cater for all levels of experience—from first-timers to hardened professionals—so nobody need be left out.
Maybe you’re not one for activities whilst away and instead you enjoy a good-old-fashioned lazy holiday. Well, Potters Leisure do those too. Take a break from it all—whenever and however you’d like and enjoy the simpler things. Like live performances from showbiz and musical legends.
Whatever excuse you need to take a break at an idyllic resort in an inspiring location, take a look at Potters Leisure.
Choose from Potters Dance, Potters Bowls, Potters Big Band and Potters Short Breaks brochures to begin whetting your appetite for your next getaway.

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