NEW BROCHURE Peregrine Worldwide

Who said that adventure travelling had to be an endurance challenge? Something just for gap year students and backpackers? The intrigues, delights and wonders of the world should be available to everyone – no matter their age or fitness.

Peregrine Worldwide let you trek to Machu Picchu, see Africa’s wildlife, explore remote Mongolia and so much more with the promise of clean, comfortable, 3 and 4 star accommodation at the end of the day. So you always have something to look forward to whether in the morning or the evening.
We’re once again proud to help you explore the globe by bringing you a travel brochure that’s unique and exciting. Peregrine have collected some of the best locations and presented them to you twists, turns and unexpected adventures at every stage.
Why not travel to the secluded beauty of Tibet’s far west? Drink in the crisp mountain air and marvel at the surrounding snowy mountain tops. You can be one of the few people to ever visit the remote Mount Kailash Plateau – one of the most sacred and isolated sites in the land.
This is just one of many unique tours and journeys that are yours to discover. Take the plunge and explore the magic of discovery (whilst enjoying some creature comforts along the way).
So with so much to discover and such a beautiful world to see, we urge you to order your Peregrine Worldwide brochure now and take the first step towards adventure.

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