Morlands (Glastonbury) Limited

The Morlands story started in 1825, when the first sheepskin slippers were produced in Glastonbury the heart of the sheepskin industry. Morlands continued to be at the forefront of the sheepskin industry introducing foot muffs and sheepskin rugs once the motor car became popular. By the 1920s Morland sheepskin slippers were the slippers to own and this has continued through the generations. Morlands introduced sheepskin boots in the 1930s and has continued to be at the forefront of sheepskin boot market.

Morlands quickly became renowned for the excellence of its products and its skill in enhancing the special properties of sheepskin especially its ability to breathe while insulating the wearer from the cold.

Morlands sheepskin slippers remain classics in their own right. Their designs ensure that whilst the heritage lives on, their collection of sheepskin slippers reflects on a contemporary look in terms of subtle changes in colour and styling. The Morlands brand symbolises classic design, quality and quiet luxury in traditional English designs that are attractive to people all over the world.

Timeless luxury makes Morlands products the perfect gift for your family, friends and a special treat for yourself.