Lead Adventures

Lead Adventures has been around since 2004 and knows Ecuador & Galapagos intimately!

Up to date Lead Adventures has given over 3000 people just like you an adventure in South America that they will never forget.

Whether you are young or mature, shy or extroverted, laid-back or adventurous, South America has something for everyone. Their programs fit individuals, couples, families and groups.

Lead Adventures authentic experiences stimulate the imagination and change lives forever. Some of their most popular programs include:

Galapagos Experience: 3 weeks, 3 islands, combine travel & adventure & volunteer!

Ecuador Experience: Andes, Amazon, Coast, all in one experience!

Animal Welfare: Help save animals at our Andes, Coast, Amazon rescue centers!

Lead Adventures can also build you a custom made experience that gives you a unique opportunity to live and work in a local South American community making a real difference to people’s lives and the environment. Share with like-minded volunteers, quickly make new friends and experience Ecuador as it really is.

Why Choose Lead Adventures?

Exceptional Local Support:

They know how important it is to build mutually beneficial relationships with local resources.

As a South American (Ecuador) based company the quality of their local contacts is second to none. This allows Lead Adventures to offer superb and efficient services to their participants.

Their bilingual, experienced local staff are always there to help you get the most out of your experience as a participant in their programs.

Security and Experience:

Their superb local knowledge and contacts mean they have the safest and fastest security and emergency procedures in the unlikely event that an emergency arises.

The fact Lead Adventures are the best in the area is proven when other tour provider companies use their local experience and services to solve their own issues.


This is another area where being local means an advantage.

Lead Adventures administrative costs are much lower than agencies based in Europe or the USA. This enables them to offer lower prices for their programs compared to other international travel agencies.

Additionally, as they are the operators of these programs rather than the agents, they can guarantee cost efficiency and offer you a great value.

True Local Impact:

You will be really making a difference to the area you visit: Most of Lead Adventures’ revenue goes directly into the projects they support, that means local economic impact rather than marginal compared with how major tour operators work.

They support local environmental impact throughout our volunteer projects in Galapagos and the Amazon region. As a South American company, based in Quito, Ecuador, Lead Adventures have the local knowledge and capacity to choose the best managed projects.

No wonder they love Lead Adventures!