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Saga Magazine is bigger and better than ever before – jam packed with award-winning health coverage, peerless financial advice, inspirational interiors, gorgeous gardens, challenging games, delicious recipes and lively interviews with top showbiz personalities.

Welcome to the September issue of Saga Magazine. In this month’s issue:

It’s difficult to believe, but the gentleman smiling on the cover of September’s Saga Magazine is the same chap who, more than 30 years ago, used to play that curly-permed agent Ray Doyle in The Professionals. These days, he’s better known as Judge John Deed or the detective George Gently, but in real life the actor Martin Shaw couldn’t be less like any of these characters. Read their exclusive interview by Richard Barber.

Also in this issue: hear Jane Fonda’s recipe for a happy life; visit Romania, where a remarkable restoration project is under way; and investigate the latest culinary trend – ‘underground’ restaurants where foodies get a kick out of meals served in secret places. In their money section, Saga Director-General Ros Altmann talks to Shadow Pensions Minister Rachel Reeves about pensions and paying for care. Plus all their usual coverage of the arts, health, travel, beauty, fashion and more.

Go on – give them a try and see why they’re the UK’s bestselling monthly magazine.

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