World Expedtions – Americas

World Expeditions are trekking and adventure travel holiday specialists. They ran their first trekking holiday in Nepal in 1975. Since then they’ve pioneered sustainable small group trekking and adventure travel holidays to every continent on earth.

Whether it’s the iconic trek along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, a voyage to the Galapagos, an expedition to Cerro Torre in Patagonia, or a tree-top walk through the Amazon – there’s an adventure for everyone in South America. Make a difference when you travel by joining one of their Community Projects. Their decades of experience mean there are specially designed itineraries for hearty adventurers, natural history buffs, gastronomy enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike. Journey north and trade Incas for the Mayans whose Aztec ruins throughout Central America represent some of the world’s richest history and architecture.

North America offers unmatched deeply rich old growth rainforests, grassy meadows of fluorescent wildflowers, towering granite peaks and glaciers, as well as the occasional Grizzly Bear, Moose, Timber Wolf, Elk or Bald Eagle. Meanwhile, North America’s First Nations people cling deeply to folklore, customs, and a culture that existed long before skyscrapers and super highways.