Cape is named as the nation’s greatest natural wonder

Take a look at a recent article from This Is Cornwall about UK tourism and our involvement through

Cape Cornwall, tucked away in West Cornwall, was one of the locations highlighted to celebrate British Tourism Week, which ends tomorrow.

Designed to encourage people to seek out the little known landscape delights, the list features unspoiled beaches, breathtaking waterfalls and fascinating rock formations.

Ginna Clark from www., which compiled the chart, said she hoped it would throw a spotlight on places truly worth seeing.

“Britain is blessed with a variety of natural wonders and awe-inspiring landscapes, some of which are almost unheard of. We’re hoping this list will inspire people to not only holiday in Britain, but explore some great attractions.”

A cape is the headland where two oceans or channels meet, with Cape Cornwall the spot where the English Channel and St George’s Channel clash. Also on the list is Rannerdale Knotts in Cumbria, the unusual rock formations of The Roaches in Staffordshire and Gloucestershire’s Forest of Dean.