Explore the Treasures of Europe by Train

Discover Eastern Europe by Private Train

treasures of eastern europe brochure
treasures of eastern europe brochure

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains invite you to see the best of Eastern Europe on this voyage between Venice and Budapest. Request the Treasures of Eastern Europe Brochure today for the full itinerary.

The Treasures of Eastern Europe is a 14 day exploration across the cities of Venice, Vienna and Prague.

You’ll delve into the poignant past of World War Two’s most influential cities in Germany and Poland. On board the Danube Express you’ll see lush landscapes and stop at world-renowned sights.

Explore Germany and take delightful strolls through the medieval streets of Zittau. Experience Berlin and enthral yourself in the museums and the thriving cultural life.

Adventure across Poland and descend the 360 steps into the mines in Krakow. Take cable car rides to Gubalowka mountains and admire the views from your unique vantage point.

You’ll be travelling in luxury on the Danube Express where you can expect deluxe cabins with en-suite facilities. There’s delectable dining in the beautiful Restaurant Car and relaxing pastimes in the Bar Lounge until late.

Prices from £9,495.

Request the Treasures of Eastern Europe Brochure today for everything you need to organise your next holiday!

Take a Sicilian Odyssey With Golden Eagle

Luxury Voyages in Italy

Sicilian Odyssey Brochure
Sicilian Odyssey Brochure

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains provide expert-led private rail journeys tours across Europe, Russia, Central Asia, China and Iran. Be one of the first to experience their exclusive tour of Italy in 2018. Download the Brochure now.

The Sicilian Odyssey tour is a 12 day exploration of the finest scenery and attractions in Italy. You’ll see ancient history and vast architecture between Venice and Taormina.

Discover delicious food in Bologna and get a guided tour through the old-town in Bari to see it’s domineering fortress and castle. Take a test drive at the Ferrari factory in Maranello. The signature experiences are endless.

Visit Pompeii and see the hair-raising remains of the eruption that has been preserved since 79AD. See the wonderful attractions of Rome starting with an introductory tour of the World Heritage sites. There’s endless photo opportunities!

With Golden Eagle Luxury Trains you can expect the finest accommodation and entertainment on your luxury private train, the Golden Eagle Danube Express.

Prices from £9,495.

Request the Golden Eagle Luxury Trains – Sicilian Odyssey brochure today to start your journey here!

The Balkan Odyssey by Golden Eagle

Luxury Train Journeys in the Balkans

Balkan Odyssey Brochure
Balkan Odyssey Brochure

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains invite you to experience a journey by private train through Transylvania and the Balkans. Request the brochure today for full details.

The Balkan Odyssey tour is an 11 day discovery of Europe’s landmarks. You’ll get a fascinating insight into the future of modern Europe too!

Visit Budapest to see attractions like the Royal Palace and the Opera House. Head to the Great Market Hall and indulge on an delicious foods and wines.

Explore Italy and get pampered at the 5-star Danieli Hotel boasting a spectacular location in Trieste. The journey continues into Venice for a walking tour of the city of romance. Get a unique view of this incredible setting with a gondola ride along the great canal.

Request the Golden Eagle Luxury Trains – Balkan Odyssey Brochure today for inspiring adventures!

Luxury Train Journeys on the Silk Road

Discover the Magic of the Silk Road

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains Brochure
Golden Eagle Luxury Trains Brochure

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains provide voyages of a lifetime by private train. Request The Silk Road Brochure today for inspiration on your next adventure!

The Silk Road luxury tour is a 21 day exploration encompassing China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan. You’ll see magnificent yet little visited sites and oasis cites from the ancient world.

Visit Khiva in Uzbekistan, founded 2,500 years ago this world heritage site boasts unbelievable photo opportunities. There’s beautiful architecture displayed in mosques and madrassas inside the ancient walls of Khiva.

Highlights of the tour include evening drinks on the delightfully lit Registan Square and riding camels through the sand dunes to Dunhuang’s Cresnet Moon Lake.

Travel in comfort on a Golden Eagle train where you can expect top of the range cabins with en-suite facilities and 24-hour cabin attendant service.

Request The Silk Road Brochure today to start your journey here!