NEW CATALOGUE Horn – Crafting, Quilting and Sewing Furniture

Do you love all things crafts? Are you looking for a way to enjoy them with ease?

Horn has the answer.

If crafts are your hobbies, whether you choose sewing, patchwork, quilt-making or something else, make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

Horn specialise in innovative ways to make your craft that little bit easier. Their unique tables, chairs and storage solutions will make the most of your time and space – so you can concentrate on the fun bits.

Say goodbye to having to spend valuable time setting up and packing away. Forget about annoying your family or friends by taking up lots of space. Instead, you can have a place for everything and everything in its place.

The quality manufacture and meticulous design of their furniture guarantees the highest levels of industrial expertise. Difficult jobs are made simple with Horn. Speedy lifting operations, comfortable flat-bed sewing and hassle-free set-ups are yours for the taking.

Once you own a Horn you won’t look back. Catalink are happy to cater for the craftsmen and hobby enthusiasts among our members.

Check out the Horn – Crafting, Quilting and Sewing catalogue for solutions you never realised existed…

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