It’s official – we’re a wonder of Britain!

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The Forest has been named as one of the seven natural wonders of Britain.

IT’S official – the Forest of Dean has been named one of the seven natural wonders of Britain for its appeal to holidaymakers.

To celebrate British Tourism Week which ended on Sunday, have created the list of locations spread across the four corners of Britain.

They range from unspoilt beaches to a breathtaking waterfall.

Ginna Clark from said: “Britain is blessed with a variety of natural wonders and awe-inspiring landscapes, some of which are almost unheard of.

“We’re hoping this list will inspire people to not only holiday in Britain, but explore some great attractions off the beaten track.”

The site says of the Forest: “The enchanting Forest of Dean covers 42 square miles of Gloucestershire and is one of the last surviving ancient forests of Britain.
“Featuring dense woodland and trickling streams the idyllic forest is home to an abundance of wildlife including deer and even wild boar.