Five Gastronomical Greats Of Britian

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With the approach of spring and some better weather, many people are considering where to spend their precious holiday time. has created a list of Britain’s five ‘gastronomical greats’, which they hope will encourage people to holiday in the UK.

Ginna Clark from said, “Britain is a nation of food lovers and we are fortunate to have such a great gastronomical heritage. It isn’t just by going overseas that you can be adventurous with food. One of the undoubted pleasures of holidaying in the UK is eating out and trying new foods, so we’ve created a list of some of the national gastronomic greats that you might want to try.”

1. Guernsey Farmer’s and Fisherman’s Market.
Guernsey is an incredibly fruitful island blessed with fertile soil and plentiful seas, the products of which are best experienced at the point of origin. Every Saturday, Guernsey Farmer’s and Fisherman’s Market takes place in the delightful gardens of the historic Sausmarez Manor near St Martins. As the market’s name suggests, farmers and fishermen from across the island flock to the market to sell their fresh produce. On offer are a variety of meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, jams, honey and free range eggs, as well as a host of other local foods.

Be sure to try: Guernsey ice-cream, made from arguably the best cow’s milk in the world.

2. Earle, Cheshire.
Earle describes itself as a ‘modern brasserie’ and is owned by TV chef Simon Rimmer, who you may recognise from BBC’s ‘Something for The Weekend’. Set in Hale, a charming village in the heart of Cheshire, the restaurant prides itself on cooking top quality, simple food in comfortable surroundings. Expect excellent quality meat, fish and vegetables, most of which is sourced from local producers within a ten mile radius of the restaurant.

Be sure to try: The Sunday lunch which has been voted best Sunday lunch outside of London, by Square Meal magazine.

3. Cheddar, Somerset.
Everyone’s heard of Cheddar cheese, but just how many people have visited the wonderful village of Cheddar in Somerset? As well as cheese (which you may have guessed) the village is also famous for its fantastic ales and cider, which can be tasted in the local breweries and pubs. The nearby gorge, aptly named Cheddar Gorge is a very popular attraction, and was named the second greatest natural wonder in Britain, in a 2005 poll of Radio Times readers.

Be sure to try: The authentic Cheddar cheese at The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company factory. The public viewing gallery allows you to watch the cheesemakers at work for as little as £1.95.

4. Pembrokeshire Fish Week 2011, Wales.
This year’s Pembrokeshire Fish Week runs from June 25 to July 3 and is packed with more than 250 events across the picturesque county. An abundance of fish species such as Mackerel and Pollack live in the seas around the Pembrokeshire, as well as river species such as Trout and Salmon in the county’s rivers. Additionally, the week gives tourists the perfect opportunity to enjoy the spectacular coastline, clean beaches and maritime heritage.

Be sure to try: An evening, fresh seafood barbecue at a Fishguard quayside pub or restaurant.

5. Biddenden Vineyards, Kent.
Set in 21 acres of glorious countryside, Biddenden Vineyards are Kent’s oldest vineyard, planted with ten different varieties of grape. A whole host of wines are pressed, fermented and bottled at the vineyards including Schonburger, Huxelerebe and Dornfelder, to name a few. However, if wine is not your thing, the vineyards also produce high quality strong Kentish Ciders and farm-pressed apple juices.

Be sure to try: The award winning 2009 Ortega, a medium full fruit wine, well balanced with a distinctive fragrance and good acidity.

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