Be a part of a very special family

You want the best for your child, right? And you want them to learn, play and explore the world around them in the best possible way?
Sylvanian Families help them do just that – in a fun and imaginative way that’s been working for generations.
I bet you’ve heard phrases like ‘learn whilst they play’ a million times. So there’s no need to say them.

But helping children learn about friendship, family, work and play is essential.
And the best way to do just that is by putting them in charge of how they learn. The huge, varied and beautiful world of Sylvanian Families lets them build their very own community.
With lovingly designed characters and beautiful environments, Sylvanian Families bring society to life before their eyes. They can build a world, make friends and create relationships in a way that teaches them about kindness, responsibility and creativity. AND still enjoy every second of their playtime.
Why not be a hotel manager? Or an ice-cream vendor? Why not take a family picnic or a trip down to the beach? With all the sets, figures, houses, vehicles, themes, families, furniture and accessories they’ll ever need, you’ll be wishing you were a kid again in no time.
We’re happy to bring you the world of Sylvanian Families. So give your children the gift of friendship and let their imagination run wild.
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