Adagio Gentle Walking

At Adagio they really look forward to their holidays.

They like wandering the backstreets, savouring the local food, staying in a hotel with jasmine round the windows. They like strolling to remote coves and sharing amazing views with other people. They don’t like rushing around. They’re on holiday, and they want to enjoy themselves. In the 2013 brochure you’ll find holidays on which you will get closer to create memories that linger. Amble through a vineyard, then taste the wine. Buy your olives and bread at the morning market, and eat them by the lake. Take the cog-wheel train up the mountain, then wander through alpine meadows, full of flowers and the sound of cow bells. A stroll here, an amble there, with time to discover, chat and enjoy.

Featuring wonderful river cruising with AMA Waterways.