How to fill your playtime – Airfix, Corgi and Hornby

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It’s sometimes hard to imagine children still actually play with toys. You’d think that the mesmerising world of gadgetry and TV had rendered them obsolete; forgotten relics of a bygone age.
But not quite so. At least not yet…
Did you know that Christmas statistics show how classic toys and games are still at the top of many children’s’ wish list? Surprising, maybe. But not when you realise the standard of the toys and games still out there.
We’re proud to welcome the toy giants Airfix, Hornby and Corgi into the Catalink family. With decades and decades of combined experience in creating and designing toys, models and collectibles, their spectacular range continues to entertain boys and girls, men and women, all over the world. And we’d love you to be one of them.
Planes, trains and automobiles
Did you ever build Airfix models as a child? Do you remember getting the glue everywhere or having to prize open the paint tins?
If you do, then relive those experiences with a range that continues to be as enchanting as it ever was. Or, if you’re a curious newcomer to Airfix instead, then what a treat do you have in store.
Likewise with Corgi and Hornby. Whether you’re passionate for cars, trains, tractors, planes or something specific, Hornby’s collection is a model collectors dream. And with a range that includes famous movie vehicles, including classic Bond, you can now bring a little bit of your favourite film home with you.
Or if it’s model and replica train sets you’re after, look no further than Hornby. Whatever scale you need, whatever period you prefer and whatever expertise you have, Hornby will oblige.
Treat your inner (or real) child with toys they’ll remember for a lifetime with Airfix, Hornby and Corgi.