NEW BROCHURE Rainbow Tours – Africa AND Latin America

Do you like adventure? We thought so.

Here at Catalink we love travel brochures. And we’re sure you do to. That’s why we’re happy to announce TWO NEW BROCHURES from Rainbow Tours. Africa and Latin America.

Whether you’re a laid-back, leisurely explorer or an adrenaline-fuelled, backpacking junkie, Rainbow Tours is for you.

Now you can explore the wild landscapes of Africa and the vibrant cultures of Latin America however you choose. And with specialist packages and tours on offer, you can embark on a themed journey to suit your tastes.

If you fancy travelling at your own pace, let their destination experts help you craft a grand voyage from scratch. Immerse yourself in the natural majesty of an African safari; discover the intrigue of Latin American heritage; or simply experience it all on a comprehensive trip.

Rest assured that Rainbow Tours maintain the highest standard with all their tours. Exceptional knowledge of each location and meticulous attention to detail will make every moment of each trip exactly what you want.

Enjoy a brochure that gives you the choice and flexibility to explore the world with ease.

Check out Rainbow Tours Africa and Latin America for more details.

NEW BROCHURES Regent Holidays – The Alternate Collection AND Iceland, Greenland & the Faroe Islands

What makes a good holiday?
Is it the location, activities, authenticity or value? Perhaps a mixture…
If your ideal holiday involves seeing something different, staying off the tourist trail and exploring the unknown, then Regent Holidays has the answer.
They have specialised in the alternate for over 40 years; committed to bringing you new experiences at every turn. We give you 2 NEW BROCHURES to enjoy: The Alternate Collection and Iceland, Greenland & the Faroe Islands.
Their Alternate Collection offers a range of intriguing packages and locations that are often overlooked by standard tour operators. Explore global destinations that go beyond the tourism norm – so you can come home with unique stories to tell.
They maintain the same ethos with their Iceland, Greenland & the Faroe Islands brochure. Wander landscapes of enigma and extremes with carefully crafted packages designed to suit all tastes. Wildlife, nature, culture, cruising and activity trips are all covered.
Choose a tour operator that stands out next time you go away. Choose Regent Holidays.